Friday, July 30, 2010

-Lovely Operation

Why hello there!
How are you? Really think about it. I hope all is well for you, (I truly do) which is something that most people don't really wish upon others. It is no secret that we live in a blog obsessed world, and I find it is my lovely duty to turn you on to such a wonderful, wonderful blog (!)Operation NICE "was initiated to remind you that a little NICE goes a long way." It was started 2 years ago my a cheeky young thing names Melissa Morris Ivone who's "goal in life is to be as nice as I can possibly be." How can you not smile uncontrollably at that? I mean come one, of all of the (selfish) goals in life that people set, this one is unbelievably heartwarming. This blog is a MUST to check out for its incredible NICE stories and daily positivity that will fill you up with actual joy instead of whatever fills your little black hole now (kidding!(:)

Today on OperationNICE Melissa features a story about some "Grocery Fairy."
 A man who just sometimes randomly pays for others peoples groceries. Reading the email a woman sent in about the man and what he did for her was just so lovely. To know that out there is a man who unselfishly for no reason just picks up your grocery tab is truly amazing. It makes me actually stop and think of what my day has been like. I in now way whatsoever have done anything actually NICE for someone. I mean I wouldn''t expect my grocery tab to be paid, but I have been over looking the little things.

 Here I am  (almost done!) reading every post of OperationNICE and being inspired, but yet I go out into the world with negativity. For example, today I was riding my bicycle, I saw a woman struggling to lift some boxes into her car. I quickly glanced at said woman and kept peddling along at my 13 mph pace. Why didn't I stop? It was clear she needed some assistance, yet I continued on. That was very wrong of me I'll admit it, but at the time I didn't think twice about it. In fact, at the time I was consumed with thoughts about some rude guy who cut me off. That is what's so sad about our culture today. We see something "completely inspiring" one day, and we resolve to do "mind blowing things" for the world, and the next day life goes on normally, and we do absolutely nothing. Well I would certainly like to change.

Here is my pledge, my dear lovelies:
I pledge to do something NICE everyday in celebration of OperationNICE and post it on my blog for all of you's to see and be inspired. Maybe you will take the time in your day to stop and do something actually kind. Maybe you will post it on YOUR blog for all the world to see. Maybe you will keep it to yourself and cherish the self indulgent reward that only comes from seeing someone else smile.

Either way, with this I pledge to overlook the small pesky details that fill up my whole day (rude driver, late bus, etc.) and instead focus on being a truly happy, kind person and spreading positive light in all of my life and the lives of others. Because isn't that what we all should be about? Hmm...if you share this lovely concept check out Operation NICE, read all of the greatness, and be inspired in your own life.

You never know how karma will come back to you!♥


  1. Great post. I like this operation NICE!!SarahD:)

  2. Hi there!(:
    Yes, isn't it a great idea!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  3. you're looin beautiful :)

    Gorgeous hair!!!!

    Such a fun blog!