Monday, November 15, 2010


Indeed it was.
The worst summer of my life.
I am not exaggerating when i say that this past summer completely changed me. I went through a lot and it is a bit too personal to discuss. However, I can say my life has gotten a lot more interesting and I would love to share it. I made this blog to express myself freely, practice my writing, and share what I love. I haven't been doing that lately however, so I apologize but I hope to start soon. I will continue again and hopefully I get some readers. In the meantime, I don't mind expressing myself freely.
Until next time , Abbey.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

"Eureka!" I wish

Hi there!(:

Now, I'm pretty sure I share this with many other people but if there is one thing i absolutely love, it's reading. I find any piece of literature really magical.
 You will always find me with some reading material, whether it's a great book, daily newspaper, a magazine or even the back of a shampoo bottle! It is truly one of the few remaining simple pleasures in life.

Yesterday, I took a trip to my local library (where they know me by name :3) and escaped into the fast sea of books. My town sadly does not have the largest collection, but what they do have is pretty amazing none the less. Each week, new materials are added which is also great! Anyways, after scanning, reading, glimpsing, and shuffling I happily made it home with enough reading to last me a month (maybe...).

 The first book I'm reading is Eureka!: The Surprising Stories Behind the Ideas That Shaped the World by Marlene Wagman-Geller. The title is pretty self explanatory. The author just wanted to write a book on the fascinating stories behind things we are surrounded by everyday.

From Jeopardy!, to the Slinky, and even Weight Watchers. I'm almost done with it (yep, rapid reader) and I would definitely recommend this book!
 The stories in here are so interesting - I would have never known half of the things in this book. I invite you to learn something new, and pick up this book!

After my Eurekas! I'll be reading something that I should have read a LONG time ago, Pride and Prejudice. (Can you believe I've never read this classic? Or even seen the movie?!)
  I'm pretty sure I'll love it; I've heard so much about it and it had been around for ages so most of you must have read it  (or at least seen the movie!) I'll love to let you know what I think after(:


I posted that sticky note on the library's bathroom as part of my Operation Smile (remember!?).
Hopefully whoever saw it actually smiled and left it there
 so another person can have the lovely pleasure of it(:

Have you heard of an artist named Keri Smith?
 Well, she's an artist and author I'm a real fan of.
 Her work is so funny and inspiring.
 I love to check her out for laughs, inspiration, or just whatever.
She has this list of 100 ideas  for use of a journal and I am having so much fun something them :D If you're bored, need inspiration, or just wanna try something new, by all means print these out and have fun!

Well, until next time!

P.S. I'll keep posting each time I complete a task!
 That way you'll see what I come up with. Remember, any lovely thoughts are always welcome.

Monday, August 2, 2010

-Aah, the madness goes on

Hey, guess what today it?

August 1st! Summer, where art thou?! For most of you it is just the middle of summer, Whatever. For the fashion world, it it the begenning of Autumn. Yepp, time to plan your fall looks and start shopping ASAP. That is if you actually want to be smart and stylish. Now, while most people are out enjoying their last few summer days, fashion editors have a lot more on their plates. From the "Latest fall trends", "F/W 2010 Runways", and "September Issues" there is a lot to absorb in such an amount of time. These Fashion Editors are trying to load us up on all of this pretty quickly and it can sometimes become a bit overwhelming.

According to and (two of my lovelies when it comes to fashion(:) here are some of the upcoming trends for this fall:
*Fifties-Sixties Fashions - - - - -

Say goodbye to that 80's revival we all cringed about and say hello  to the lovley 50's and 60's. Hourglass silhouettes are front and center with a combo of bustier, curve-hugging, and below-the-knee pencil skirts. Let's also not forget the kitten heels that comes with said decades! This is one trend that I won't actually mind trying out a bit this fall.

*Animal accents - - - - - -
Rawr! Animal like clothes were everywhere on the F/W runways. So of course they're bound to be everywhere this fall. It includes everything from fur, leopard prints, and Camel everything. (Coats, boots bags , etc.) I personally wouldn't mind a chic camel coat this winter and it will probably make it onto my must have list. As for some of the other animal like pieces, I  like them but won't be dying for them this season.

*Menswear-inspired (Again!)

I remember a few seasons ago when androgyny was everywhere! From boyfriend jeans, to boyfriends cardigans, to slouchy t-shirts, and oxfords. Well, it seems that menswear is back but with a bit more....class. Instead of slouchy jeans and cardies, the designers opted for structured blazers, oxford shirts, and very straight leg pants. It kind of also ties into that futuristic minimalist look that has been coming around as well. (*Alexander Wang!*)


This is one of the trends this fall that makes me want to kind of yawn. I don't like it at all, and i doubt I'll be able to pull it off anyways. :P
 The end.

*Goodbye short, hello long!

It makes me happy to see this lovely trend appearing. I have always adored long skirts and the fact that the fashion world is just catching on makes me go "um...Hello! Where have you been?"

There are loads more trends popping up here and there everyday but those were just some worth noting. I rarely follow trends on a daily basis like some people who claim to be "fashionistas." I like to see what is "in" one season and try to incorporate my lovely stlye with the things I like. No body should expect me to change my style every time fashion trends evolve. That would take loads of money, time, and effort that is worthless because you just come out looking like a clueless follower.

Anyways, I am so excited for fall to come! I'm such a nerd when it comes to back to school shopping and getting new things each season! I'll be posting my lovely wish list soon! Kay, well bye(:

P.S. This post was previously written yesterday but my computer crashed.


Friday, July 30, 2010

-Lovely Operation

Why hello there!
How are you? Really think about it. I hope all is well for you, (I truly do) which is something that most people don't really wish upon others. It is no secret that we live in a blog obsessed world, and I find it is my lovely duty to turn you on to such a wonderful, wonderful blog (!)Operation NICE "was initiated to remind you that a little NICE goes a long way." It was started 2 years ago my a cheeky young thing names Melissa Morris Ivone who's "goal in life is to be as nice as I can possibly be." How can you not smile uncontrollably at that? I mean come one, of all of the (selfish) goals in life that people set, this one is unbelievably heartwarming. This blog is a MUST to check out for its incredible NICE stories and daily positivity that will fill you up with actual joy instead of whatever fills your little black hole now (kidding!(:)

Today on OperationNICE Melissa features a story about some "Grocery Fairy."
 A man who just sometimes randomly pays for others peoples groceries. Reading the email a woman sent in about the man and what he did for her was just so lovely. To know that out there is a man who unselfishly for no reason just picks up your grocery tab is truly amazing. It makes me actually stop and think of what my day has been like. I in now way whatsoever have done anything actually NICE for someone. I mean I wouldn''t expect my grocery tab to be paid, but I have been over looking the little things.

 Here I am  (almost done!) reading every post of OperationNICE and being inspired, but yet I go out into the world with negativity. For example, today I was riding my bicycle, I saw a woman struggling to lift some boxes into her car. I quickly glanced at said woman and kept peddling along at my 13 mph pace. Why didn't I stop? It was clear she needed some assistance, yet I continued on. That was very wrong of me I'll admit it, but at the time I didn't think twice about it. In fact, at the time I was consumed with thoughts about some rude guy who cut me off. That is what's so sad about our culture today. We see something "completely inspiring" one day, and we resolve to do "mind blowing things" for the world, and the next day life goes on normally, and we do absolutely nothing. Well I would certainly like to change.

Here is my pledge, my dear lovelies:
I pledge to do something NICE everyday in celebration of OperationNICE and post it on my blog for all of you's to see and be inspired. Maybe you will take the time in your day to stop and do something actually kind. Maybe you will post it on YOUR blog for all the world to see. Maybe you will keep it to yourself and cherish the self indulgent reward that only comes from seeing someone else smile.

Either way, with this I pledge to overlook the small pesky details that fill up my whole day (rude driver, late bus, etc.) and instead focus on being a truly happy, kind person and spreading positive light in all of my life and the lives of others. Because isn't that what we all should be about? Hmm...if you share this lovely concept check out Operation NICE, read all of the greatness, and be inspired in your own life.

You never know how karma will come back to you!♥